4 abr. 2013


When I began this investigation it was doing these three questions to myself:
  • Do we know what is a burn?
  • Can we value the gravity of the burn?
  • Do we know how to act when someone is burning?
Once done the poll and inventory of the answers this one is my analysis:

The persons in general do not know what is a burn, 30 % thinks that alone they take place by means of a source of heat or of cold, but also there are other reasons as the chemical products or for electrocution.

With regard to the second question it seems that yes we can value the gravity of a burn by means of the degree. Initially I was thinking that not but the results of the survey me have made change opinion.

Nevertheless we do not have clearly how to act when someone is burning. Basing on the answers of the question 12, which he speaks what to do in case of the most current burn, for heat source, the successes do not cover the half of the polled ones.

For all that I believe that my request is founded, and think that it would be good that in the secondary education there includes the topic of the first aids in some subject of sciences, for example, natural sciences, and inside this one a paragraph dedicated to situations related with "burns" since it is very frequent in the daily life and more between the infantile accidents.

I wait that the realized effort elaborating this investigation do not fall in torn sack and that it serves to obtain it.
Vicente López Mariño